Alexis Erbez-Díez, also known as yaboku, is a Spanish illustrator and comic author, as well as the creator of Misère.

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yaboku has made three previous webcomics, as well as worked in two independent games as character designer, writer, programmer and eventually artist.

These projects, in chronological order, are:

  • Tobira, an RPG Maker game where she worked as character designer, writer and programmer. The game was put on hiatus on 2013.
  • Okotowari Shimasu, a 4koma webcomic about anime tropes and stereotypes. It's currently her longest-running series.
  • Mankai, an RPG Maker game "about magical girls and flowers". The game has been in development since 2016, althought it had to be put on hiatus due to "various reasons".
  • COMPI!, a comedy magical girl webcomic created in 2016 about a magical girl and her hikkikomori flatmate.
  • Sparkling Girl Magical Brush, a short webcomic created as a school project.

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