Taika is the main character of Misère. She is a young Sword who wants to become a soldier.

Appearance Edit

Taika has short bright red hair and big green eyes. She has a pale and skinny complexion, and seems to be smaller than other characters.

In Chapter 1, she's seen wearing a long dress, covered by a cloak. Later in the same chapter she's also seen wearing a long white nightgown.

She's seen wearing a different outfit in promotional art, consisting of a dark red vest and skirt, a white shirt and a long brown coat. This may be the Seds Military Academy official uniform.

Personality Edit

Taika is a very shy person, only speaking when she's referred to. She's also very distracted, as she doesn't seem to notice when people talk to her directly at first and gets lost easily.

However, it's shown that she can become almost aggressive when she sees an injustice, as shown when she captured the boy who made the derregatory magical graffity in Ceres and Hospites' bakery.

Background Edit

Taika grew up in the country of Södö, in the Independent Sword Territories. Her country has a history of being attacked and invaded by surrounding countries, so she grew up amongst war and suffering. However, when she was younger, a Special Combat Unit saved her life and helped quell the war, thus aiding Södö to become an independent country. Ever since, Taika has admired the military and wished to join a Special Combat Unit. For that reason, she traveled to the One Kingdom at the beginning of the story.

Story Edit

At the beginning of the story, Taika is shown arriving at the One Kingdom in order to join the Seds Military School for Special Combat Units. However, she gets lost along the way, having to spend the night in Ceres and Hospites' house. There, she talks about her past and learns a bit about the Kingdom. When she's getting ready to leave the next morning, she hears a commotion outside, and finds someone has vandalized the bakery's walls. Outraged, she uses magic to find the culprit and orders him to remove the graffity. She also reveals that the reason she wants to join the military is because she wants to fight against injustice like this, since she suffered it herself when she was younger, and give people hope. As thanks, Hospites offers to take her to the school.

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Trivia Edit

  • Taika means "spell, chant" in finnish.