Ceres is a minor character in Misère. She appeared in Chapter 1, when she helped a lost Taika and let her sleep in her house. She's married to Hospites and runs a bakery in Capital City.

Appearance Edit

Ceres is a middle aged woman. She has purple eyes and white hair which she ties in a bun. She has light brown skin and appears to be slightly overweight.

She wears a long blue dress with a stained apron.

Personality Edit

She is a kind woman, seen how she invited a stranger into her house just because she seemed lost. She doesn't seem to like conflict either, since she wasn't pleased when her husband joked about how Clubs "can't think".

Background Edit

She lives in the One Kingdom, and was presumably born and raised there. At some point in her life she married Hospites and had a daughter with him.

Story Edit

Ceres appears in Chapter 1, after noticing a lost Taika wandering Capital City for several hours. She talks to her, and when she notices she won't be able to find an inn because of her foreign currency, she offers her to have dinner with her and her husband.

Ceres, Hospites and Taika talk about different things over dinner, explaining how they have a daughter who, like Taika, is joining military school soon. She shows to be understandable even when Taika admits to feel awkward for not having experience talking with a Joker before.

The next morning, she and Hospites find a magical graffiti painted in the wall of their bakery, which they can't clean due to their inability to use magic. Seeing this angers Taika, who uses her magic to find the kid who made the painting and forces him to clean it. Feeling thankful, Ceres tells Hospites to bring Taika to the Academy. As they're leaving, she also tells her husband to greet their daughter if he sees her.

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Trivia Edit

  • Ceres shares name with the goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships in ancient Rome.